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In addition to Dahua, 10 of the above 31 shares have also been investigated by institutions in the past three months. Including iFLYTEK, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical, Yunnan Baiyao, etc., 3 shares have received surveys from more than 40 institutions, Yunnan

According to data from the after-hours ranking on October 17th, Guosen Securities Hongling Middle Road Securities Sales Department, Guotai Junan Jiangsu Road Securities Sales Department, and CITIC Securities Beijing Headquarters Securities Sales Departmen

In addition, until the expiration of the validity period of the cooperation, for the intellectual property rights related to Century Huatong’s own games, if the group company intends to sell, transfer or deemed to sell such game intellectual property righ

On March 11, according to foreign media reports, Apple failed to launch an iPhone that supports 5G networks last year due to chip and other reasons. Apple is currently the only major mobile phone manufacturer that has failed to launch a 5G smartphone.2019

According to the news announced by the National Joint Stock Company on April 24, the brand company has prepared to publicly issue shares to investors with unspecified qualifications, and is expected to start receiving application documents on April 27, 20

The price drop of Feitian Moutai triggered market panic. On September 13, news reported that the price of Beijing Moutai had fallen sharply, from the highest of 2650 to 2100 yuan in the previous week. The merchants panicked and even no one dared to receiv