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In addition, according to CCID Consultings statistics, there are about 40,000 data centers in 2019, accounting for about 23% of the global total; the scale of data center racks reaches 2.27 million, and there are 2213 IDC data centers in use. According to

However, similar to repeated rumors before, the amendment to the companys articles of association is not a real merger. Brokerage reporters learned that China Securities Investment Corporation had previously amended its articles of association in accordan

The focus of the structural adjustment of the steel industry in 2019 is to maintain a good momentum of basic balance between supply and demand, qualitatively promote the high-quality development of the entire industry, and reduce the capacity and industri

Judging from todays market concerns, it is undoubtedly the recent hot stock SF Holdings daily limit that opened and released a huge amount of market behavior. This huge shock phenomenon shows that although its sudden resumption of trading in recent days h

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