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It is worth noting that in July this year, the number of restaurants in Yum China reached a new record of 10000, and Qu Cuirong once again reiterated the company's expansion plan that the goal of opStock buying strategyening 800-850 new stores by 2020 will remain unchanged.

During the reporting period, the sales expenses of Guotai liquor industry were 103 million yuan, 237 million yuan and 447 million yuan respectively, accounting for 18.27%, 20.33% and 23.88% of the current main business income.

Wang Weidong, chairman of Evonik technology, said that GuoXuan high tech is one of the most close customers of winwin technology, and winwin technology will fully support the project construction of GuoXuan high tech Liuzhou base. As the first lithium battery equipment enterprise in the industry to provide whole line solutions, winwin technology has mastered the core technology of all aspects of lithium battery equipment, has rich cooperation experience with the world's leading battery enterprises, and has a profound understanding and accumulation of process standards. The cooperation of Liuzhou project will be a new beginning for both sides to create a better win-win situation. "

The novel coronavirus infection center of Qianhai Zengcheng has played two important roles: the Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou life insurance company has played a professional role, and has provided the support for the comprehensive health care of many enterprises and schools, helping to resume work and resume school. Shenzhen Qianhai life's happy home nursing home is determined to implement fully closed management, effectively isolate the elderly in the hospital, and strive to protect the health of the elderly.

However, the liberation of hardware performance will allow manufacturers to focus on the exploration of game phone control methods and product forms to make subversive changes. Luo Yuzhou has always stressed that black shark is not a game phone company, but a game technology company.

Lu Kwai, chairman and Secretary of the Shandong radio and TV station, and the chairman of Shandong radio and television media group, said that Shandong radio and television is a fast hand in the television industry, and the ability of content production and news acquisition is among the best in the country. The production capacity of news and information is the biggest advantage of Shandong Radio and television. Insisting on originality and producing excellent content is the foundation of Shandong Radio and television. We are accelerating the realization of two transformations. One is tStock buying strategyhe transformation from traditional radio and television media to all media. The other is the transformation from the business entity to the market subject. """

The field of life service is a trillion level blue ocean market. The development of life service is conducive to improving the national living standard, improving the consumption structure and increasing the economic vitality. With the coming of 5G era, Internet plus services will continue to generate dividends. At present, it is a special period when the whole country is striving to fight the epidemic. On the one hand, there is a surge in online consumer demand of the public, and on the other hand, the merchants are in a dilemma and need to seek transformation. This has accelerated the process of Jottings upgrading to "Tools + services".