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In additionHow many shares to buy minimum, every reporter also found that the loss caused by the impairment of goodwill in 2019 was not only the pain of Beijing Culture and Wanda Films, but Jebsen, Huace Film and Television and Dinglong Culture were all dragged down by it. The impairment was 15.5 billion yuan, 400 million yuan, and 9.7 billion to 3.1 billion yuan.

The A-share market style showed a combination of enhanced replenishment expectations + limited easing from late November to the end of the year, and procyclical varieties with low valuations ushered in upward opportunities. Since the beginning of the year, it has entered a combination of replenishment consensus + enhanced margin of easing. The style has changed again, the contribution of low valuation factors has decreased, and companies with small market capitalization and high goodwill have been active.

Essence Securities pointed out that at present, Biden leads the U.S. election. The economic stimulus policy with the Green New Deal as the core is expected to stimulate the recovery of the U.S. economy, and its Green New Deal will also vigorously promote new energy vehicles and renewable energy, including wind power and photovoltaics. Renewable energy development. Earlier, the European Union proposed that greenhouse gas emission reductions in 2030 would be increased by 15 Pcts from the 40% previously formulated; according to the European Parliament’s official website and Forbes reports, the European Parliament has passed the bill recently and raised the emission reduction target to 60%, and the text of the bill will be forwarded to the EU27 Approved by the Council of Ministers of the Member States, the final target measures are expected to be introduced in December. Previously, based on the 55% reduction target, we predict that the carbon emission target in 2030 is expected to be reduced to 45g/km from the previous 54g/km. If the emission reduction target is further improved, the carbon emission target will be further tightened. The carbon emission target is expected to be reduced to 45g/km, and the subsidy policies for electric vehicles and infrastructure will continue to increase; Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan." Next year, the sales of B-end new energy vehicles will be effectively boosted. In addition, the plan also points out that infrastructure construction such as charging and swapping and hydrogen refueling should be strengthened, and the formation of fast-charging highways and urban and rural public charging networks should be accelerated. Provide financial support for the construction of charging piles and encourage a series of measures such as the application of power exchange models. Investment advice: It is recommended to recommend leading companies with global competitiveness in each link of the industrial chain: 1) In the battery segment, Ningde Times (300750) is recommended, and Yiwei Lithium Energy (300014), Guoxuan High-tech (002074), Xinwangda are recommended (300207), Penghui Energy (300438), Funeng Technology, etc.; 2) In the material and parts link, we mainly recommend Protela (603659), Enjie (002812), Kodali (002850), Dangsheng Technology (300073), Xinzhoubang (300037), Zhongke Electric (300035), Jiayuan Technology, etc. It is recommended to pay attention to Beterui, Defang Nano (300769), Nord shares (600110), Shanshan shares (600884), Star source material (300568) and so on. 3) Tesla industry chain, key recommendations: Hongfa (600885), Sanhua Intelligent Control (002050), Xusheng (603305), Aotejia (002239), Yinlun (002126), Tuopu Group (601689); At the same time, it is recommended to pay attention to BYD (002594).

Regarding the investment in the market outlook, Zhang Menfa, the general manager of Haokun Shengfa Investment in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily, believes that on Monday, the Shanghai Index once again pulled the sun to end the Lianyin trend. At present, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index is maintained at 3200 to 3,500 points. If there is no major benefit in the short term, it will be difficult to break through the 3500 line to hold the dense zone. It is expected that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index box will continue to operate in the future. If it breaks through 3,500 points, pay attention to whether the resonance of the trading volume and the news side can support a firm stand.

On the evening of the 25th, as the first dose of new coronavirus vaccine in Shaanxi Province was vaccinated at Dichang Central Health Center in Konggang New City, Xixian New District, the new coronavirus vaccination work for key populations in the province was fully launched. The first batch of people who participated in the new crown virus vaccination were key groups such as customs inspection and quarantine, port border inspection, shipment of imported cold chain goods at the port, and front-line staff of medical and health institutions.

In addition, fiscal revenues and expenditures grew negatively, and financial deposits and loans grew rapidly. In the first quarter, the city's general public budget revenue was 906.2 billion yuan, down 18% year-on-year; the general public budget expenditure was 967.2 billion yuan, down 13%. As of the end of March, the city's financial institutions (including foreign capital) deposits in domestic and foreign currencies amounted to 89,983.1 billion yuan, a yeHow many shares to buy minimumar-on-year increase of 17%; financial institutions (including foreign capital) in domestic and foreign currency loans stood at 626049 billion yuan, an increase of 12%.

Fengshang Culture is mainly engaged in the cultural and creative industry, with creative design as the core, and its business scope covers creative, design and production services in many fields such as large-scale cultural performance activities, cultural tourism performances, landscape art lighting and interpretation. From 2017 to 2019, the company's operating income was RMB 0.6 billion, RMB 7.3 billion, and RMB 1.2 billion, and net profit attributable to the parent was RMB 54 million, RMB 3.6 billion, and RMB 5.4 billion.