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On March 29th, the three major indexes opened higher in early trading. The ChiNext index fell under pressure at 1850. At the same time, the Shanghai Index, which had dropped to 3100 points, rose rapidly. From the perspective of the disk, the market trend

According to historical data since 2007, the last months high point of fundraising occurred in May 2015. It was also a bull market environment that boosted the scale of fund issuance. 104 new funds were established that month, with a total issuance scale

(Personal profile: Jin Bin, successively served as stock analyst, research director, and fund manager in the research department of Guotai Junan (), Guotai Junan Research Institute, and Yinhua Fund. In 2013, he founded Fengling Capital and served as chair

□ Our reporter Dai Anqi, intern reporter Wang Fangyuan, on December 5, in the 27th live broadcast of the China Construction BankChina Securities Journal Taurus Fund Tour, He Yiguang, General Manager and Fund Manager of the Great Wall Fund Research Departm

The "Securities Daily" reporter noted that as of August 12, 1,151 listed companies had disclosed the 2020 semi-annual reports, of which social security funds appeared in the list of institutional investors of 72 listed companies. Compared with t

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