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"In July 23rd, Kwai TSE signed an agreement with Shandong radio and television. The two sides will carry out all-round strategic cooperation in media MCN construction, Da Xiaoping's integration and innovation, and help regional industrial developmentStock market close. Kwai Kwai announced that it will establish a fast hand media school with Shandong radio and television. This is also the first short video and live training incubation base built by the Kwai Tung and the media. It will provide special guidance and training in short video production, live broadcast skills, and e-commerce business, and create short video talents, and support regional energy producers.

July 17 (reporter Li Yu Zhao Rong) Haitian Water Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haitian water), which is mainly engaged in urban water supply and sewage treatment, recently updated the IPO prospectus disclosed in advance on the website of the CSRC. The reporter found that the main water supply companies under Haitian water company had "hard injury" of illegal operation for a long time. Although the company describes the situation as a legacy of history and plans to sell the water company back to the local government. However, what can not be avoided is that the water company is currently in the illegal state of "unlicensed operation", and the so-called "resale plan" in the Prospectus has only one sentence, without any further explanation. According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, the two businesses of urban water supply and sewage treatment are franchising matters that need the authorization of local government. The government authorizes the enterprises by means of competition according to law, clarifies the rights and obligations and risk sharing through agreements, and stipulates that they can invest in the construction and operation of infrastructure and public utilities within a certain period of time and within a certain scope, and obtain profits, and provide public goods or public services. However, the Xinjin Haitian water plant (hereinafter referred to as Xinjin Haitian water supply Co., Ltd.), formerly known as Xinjin County Diyuan drainage water supply Co., Ltd., has been supplying tap water in Xinjin County since 1999. Up to now, it has been operating for more than 20 years, but has not obtained the franchise right. In other words, the company has been operating illegally for 20 years and is still operating illegally. In the prospectus, Haitian water supplies said: "Xinjin County Diyuan water supply and drainage Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Xinjin Haitian water supply and drainage Co., Ltd., has been engaged in tap water business in Xinjin since May 2005 by undertaking the tap water related assets of Chengdu Diyuan water supply and drainage Co., Ltd,

"The straw bear film company founded by Wu Qilong is going to be listed.

"Shijiu Lake super police! Gucheng Lake super police! Shuiyangjiang is in urgent need! The flood control situation in Gaochun District of Nanjing is very serious due to the superimposed influence of continuous heavy rainfall and upstream inflow.

In fact, baiji is not the only pharmaceutical company to be listed in many places. Prior to this, there were media reports that zaiding medicine, which was listed on NASDAQ in the United States, was preparing to return to Hong Kong, China for listing.

The original sin of pyramid selling,Stock market close which collects membership fees, has been a shadow over the social e-commerce industry for a long time. From the perspective of the current business model of social e-commerce, membership fee is the biggest "cake", and the core of its business model is to attract people to get paid. However, such a business model will become a dead end in the future.

On the evening of June 17, one account one issued an announcement saying that Ms. Qiu Han, the co general manager of the company, resigned for personal reasons. In response, the company said that financial one account has mature corporate governance, complete management decision-making mechanism and sound talent training and echelon construction, and the change of individual executives will not affect the normal operation and long-term development of the company. "