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Since its release in 2019, kangaroo baby public welfare program has provided nearly 1 million yuan of emergency medical public welfare relief fund for the children of 49 riders in the industry, including 38 meituan riders, 8 hungry riders, 1 KFC rider, 1 Flash rider and 1 dada rider. At the same time, meituan Public Welfare Foundation launched case public welfare fund-raising with partners fCost priceor riders' children with large funding gap, totaling more than 3.89 million.

It is reported that Taobao live anchors will successively enter the "impact broadcast" publicity platform, and officially announced the full opening of Lighthouse × Taobao live broadcast. Through this innovative product platform, the film creators can avoid the traditional offline roadshow, and switch to online and Taobao hot anchor frame, more efficient publicity and marketing of the film.

From medium-sized enterprises to independent scenario support of large enterprises, application scenarios are expanding from virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), server consolidation, remote / branch office to full stack business scenarios, including software defined data center, hybrid cloud and more critical workload such as database and cloud computing.

It is understood that, after the launching ceremony, on July 19th -21, more than 300 Kwai Tai V will go deep into the core cultural tourism scenic spot of Luoyang and the main scenic spots of 8 counties and districts, such as Mengjin, Xin'an, Yiyang, Ruyang, Luoning, Luanchuan, Songxian, and old city, etc. At that time, the big V will show the beauty of Luoyang's integration of ancient and modern in an all-round way through the way of "short video + live broadcast", and promote the advantages of Luoyang's cultural and tourism resources.

Wang Li's family told reporters that the relevant responsible person of Zhongshan District Health Bureau told the family that the Bureau and Dalian Municipal Health Commission were already implementing the relevant procedures.

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According to Suning's Twitter account, Suning wants to buy a round the moon travel ticket to Suning this time. In addition, Suning uses its strong o2o double line capability in China to launch more possibilities for cooperation. As we all know, musk has been actively exploring the Chinese market in recent years. With Suning's help, Tesla's sales growth will certainly be enhanced.

Relying on the carrier of mobile banking, it integrates financial and non-financial service scenarios to create a local online brand in southern Guangdong. In the future, Guangdong Branch of BOCOM will take this opportunity to enhance customer experience and create brand image, so as to become a "intimate bank" for customers and enterprises.

In fact, the price of gold has been rising since this year, which has performed well in various types of assets, which has also stimulated the enthusiasm of ordinary investors to allocate gold. At present, there are many kinds of gold investment in the market. For investors who are optimistic about the prospect of gold, gold ETF and linked funds are low investment starting point, easy to purchase, and closely follow the trend of gold price, which is a more labor-saving investment tool.