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However, innovative and entrepreneurial companies in the above industries that arBuy Russian stockse deeply integrated with new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, automation, new energy, and artificial intelligence can still be listed on the ChiNext and require sponsors Conduct due diligence on the recommended companies, make professional judgments, and explain the relevant verification process, basis and conclusions in the issuance sponsorship letter, which fully reflects the positioning of the GEM to serve innovative entrepreneurial enterprises. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange's issuance and listing review will focus on the business model, core technology, and R&D advantages of such declared companies, and can consult with industry consulting experts as needed.

Analysts pointed out that the current supply of crude oil in Libya may be the biggest uncertainty factor. If the situation in the country eases, it is expected that the market will soon increase its supply by more than 1 million barrels per day, but on the contrary, this supply gap may push oil prices higher. .

Not only that, the above three independent directors also stated that during their tenure as directors and executives of listed companies and their holding subsidiaries, Zhong Chengrong and related persons disregarded basic legal provisions such as the Company Law and Securities Law to obstruct listed companies from exercising management control. The right to know financial information, the right to convene the shareholders meeting, refusal to fulfill the commitment to complete the increase in shareholding, violates the basic fiduciary obligations of the directors and senior management of listed companies, and brings damage to the listed company as a whole, especially the rights and interests of small and medium shareholders. The legal and moral order of the capital market has been severely disrupted. Independent directors strongly condemned it legally and morally. When necessary, they will ask the public security organs for criminal investigation and punish criminal acts that endanger the healthy operation of listed companies.

In the short term, three factors such as the falsified reasons for the rise created by the market, the unexpected rebound of CPI and house prices, and the rapid withdrawal of easing policies may expose the market to adjustment risks. The published M2 data shows that the current domestic monetary policy remains loose as a whole, which means that the third risk has not yet appeared. However, as time goes by, the closer the time is to the end of the third quarter, the more likely the above three risks will appear. High, investors still need to keep an eye on policy trends. From the perspective of long-term investment, even if the market adjusts due to the realization of the above three risks, investors do not need to significantly reduce their positions. After the recovery of corporate profits is confirmed, the market still has upward momentum. At that time, investors can consider adjusting their position structure. Increase the allocation of certain cyclical stocks such as non-ferrous metals, petroleum and petrochemical, and military industries.

In the short term, the focus is on speed, not direction. In the past half month, the index has risen rapidly, driven by three forces: oversold rebound, spring turmoil and trend. Seasonal factors have led to a high turnover rate on the ChiNext and active transactions by individual investors. These seasonal factors will cool down in the future. This time the cooling is a slowdown in speed, not a change in direction.

Fourth, resolutely complete the task of poverty alleviation. We must work hard to overcome the impact of the epidemic, pay close attention to the implementation of tough tasks, help poor laborers to return to work in an orderly manner, support leading povBuy Russian stockserty alleviation enterprises and poverty alleviation workshops to resume work as soon as possible, and speed up the establishment and improvement of poverty prevention mechanisms.

You will find that all indices have formed a resonance, which means that next Monday will determine the short-term trend of the entire market. Either, rebirth from adversity under the leadership of the weight of innovation, or break the position together to start a new wave of downside. If the break is down, then the theoretical low of the Shanghai Stock Index is around 2850; if there is no break next week and there is a trend of yang and yin, then the market's rebound point is roughly at 2940.