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It is reported that rongchuang cultural tourism has four core business sectors: rongchuang cultural tourism city, rongchuang tourism resort, conference and exhibition, and rongchuang cultural tourism town. Rongchuang cultural tourism city, which has 12 co

In response to the current concept of "new retail", Dong Mingzhu said that the so-called "new retail" refers to the mode of online sales of products. It is because of the Internet that new retailing has emerged. In the past, some small

Zhao Tao, chairman of Buchang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that the company will give full play to the advantages of the original global strategy of natural medicine and traditional Chinese medicine prescription patent medicine, practice the brand-new b

Peoples love for amber color has a long history, not only because it is widely used in fashion and home decoration, but also in the Tang Dynasty and even earlier period of our country, it often appears in the records of literature or poetry, especially us

Since its inception, the company has invested a lot of energy in building a community of doctors and pharmaceutical companies. According to Ruan Wei, "the digital process of the pharmaceutical industry will be slower than that of other industries, an

This advantage stems from the companys years of focused research and development. By the end of 2019, 3D communications has invested 335 million yuan in R & D in the past three years, accounting for more than 12% of the companys total revenue in the t

Six live broadcasts attracted 43.26 million netizens and 5.35 million compliments. In the live broadcast of Surabaya County on July 1, Chen Chong, deputy county chief of Sishui County, also recommended to netizens a kind of intelligent fire truck produced

In short, no matter what the motives behind the report of "using dummies as security inspectors", on this issue related to the public interest, the companies involved and the regulatory authorities should respond to the concerns of public opinio

Dear friends, in order to further deepen the bond market and provide better information services, bond market observation has launched the fund asset information demand platform. Welcome to contact us for details“It is worth mentioning that in order to st

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