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Since its release in 2019, kangaroo baby public welfare program has provided nearly 1 million yuan of emergency medical public welfare relief fund for the children of 49 riders in the industry, including 38 meituan riders, 8 hungry riders, 1 KFC rider, 1

In market research, ROKA finds that luxury goods are in great demand in China, although many people feel that Kwai Kwai can only sell cheap things, but ROKA believes that no one has yet been digging up the business opportunities in luxury goods. Before RO

According to the financial report, as of December 2019, Suning logistics has 12.1 million square meters of storage and related supporting area, and 25881 express outlets.Guangdong public security bureau announcement shows that since 90s of last century, L

On July 22, Didi made a reply to the news of the equity auction and the planned IPO plan to go to Hong Kong. Didis travel side also replied to the Chinese reporters of the securities companies, "its impossible to identify the identity of the suspecte

Due to the high temperature and sunshine in summer, outdoor sports teaching is easy to cause a series of problems, such as heatstroke. In addition, due to the influence of epidemic situation, gathering activities should be avoided as far as possible. This

"In July 23rd, Kwai TSE signed an agreement with Shandong radio and television. The two sides will carry out all-round strategic cooperation in media MCN construction, Da Xiaopings integration and innovation, and help regional industrial development.

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