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From last Thursday to Monday (23rd, 24th and 27th), another 16.4 million shares were purchased with an average price of US $100 million, and the shareholding has increased to 100 million shares (%).In addition, according to the management practice of the

In other words, dont worry that a weak dollar is a warning sign of a sudden drop in US stocks.It is such a careful transformation that Chen Hong couldnt believe that the simple and bright home in front of her was her own when she opened the door.So he exp

Some media reported in April that,In fact, its easy to spot inflation by looking at the stock and bond markets, says shedlock.Xi Jinping also stressed that we should focus on key areas to develop innovative industries and speed up the creation of world-cl

Financial stocks have performed relatively well in previous periods of significant dollar weakness, partly due to the steepening yield curve (long-term interest rates are higher than short-term rates due to inflation).During the activity period, in order

Dan levy, an analyst at Credit Suisse, reckons that between 90000 and 100000 new cars were delivered in the second quarter.In March this year, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to an ultra-low range of 0% -% and implemented a series of QE measures.Th

Judging from the situation of tmall double 11 this year, in the post epidemic era, in addition to healthy economy, new consumption trends such as beauty consumption and technology consumption are emerging.The task of narrowing this output gap will be extr

However, under the current situation, Zhao Pu believes that mainland investors should not rush to buy new stocks on the first day of IPO or within the recent trading days after listing. Investors in the US stock market, A-share market and Hong Kong stock

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